A Film Queen

Chapter 265

Chapter 265 Two Meddling Third Parties
Samuel, consistently attentive in his studies, promptly readied himself to depart upon the teacher's directive.
He made sure to invite Milly along, remarking, "Milly, shall we go?"
Milly paused, feeling uneasy under Jordan's intense stare. Her instincts cautioned her that leaving with Samuel at this moment might upset him.
But if I openly stay here, it doesn't seem like I have any suitable reasons, right? "How about..."
Just as she was debating whether to make up an excuse to smooth things over, she suddenly heard Jordan speak up nearby again, "Weren't you just saying you'd send a student representative to show me around the school? Let it be her."
Milly was surprised by his words.
Is Jordan being that straightforward?
The school leaders were equally stunned, their eyes filled with disbelief as they looked at Milly not far away. "This..."
The girl before them was clearly a freshman, probably not even familiar with the school herself, let alone capable of guiding others around.
The principal pondered carefully, not wanting to take any risks. He feared that a clueless freshman might inadvertently disrespect Jordan, which could jeopardise millions in donations.
So, he cautiously suggested, "Mr. Burnett, perhaps it would be better to have trained student representatives lead you on the tour. They are highly
knowledgeable in their fields, whereas a freshman might not...
With each word spoken, the air around them grew colder, and by the end, the chilling atmosphere had effectively silenced any further lengthy explanations from the principal.
He looked at Jordan's unexpectedly dark expression, appearing innocent and caught off guard.
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Chapter 265 Two Meddling Third Parties
Are wealthy people really so fickle in their moods?
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The other school leader standing beside the principal couldn't bear it any longer and quickly tugged on the principal's sleeve, shaking his head to signal him to stop. Didn't he see that Mr. Burnett's face had already turned as dark as it could be?
Mr. Burnett clearly wasn't here just to visit the school. He obviously wanted this freshman to lead the way.
Though the principal was older, he wasn't foolish.
Turning around and seeing their expressions, the principal quickly sensed that something was amiss and changed tack. "However, freshmen also bring fresh perspectives. Mr. Burnett can listen to the voice of the new student. Haha..."
He chuckled awkwardly, a sheepish smile spreading across his face that made Milly want to cringe for him.
Indeed, not everyone can handle leadership roles adeptly, as evidenced by this leader's ability to change swiftly.
However, it must be admitted that his strategy worked. Jordan's previously grim expression softened considerably.
The principal, seeing that he was heading in the right direction with flattery, quickly waved to Milly, "The student over there, come here."

Milly didn't hesitate and hurried over.
They weren't very far apart, and due to the teachers' earlier reprimand, all the surrounding students had already left. Now, only the three of them remained, and the scene was very quiet. They could hear each other if they spoke.
Milly obediently nodded and bowed to the teachers. "Hello, teachers."
Then, she bowed respectfully to Jordan as well. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Burnett."
The principal smiled warmly at her. "Please take Mr. Burnett on a tour of the school."
Milly quickly nodded and responded, "Yes, Sir."
Seeing the fine beads of sweat for
on her forehead, Jordan's eyes were filled
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Chapter 265 Two Meddling Third Parties
with concern.
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The area around them was a small yard within the school, with no shade to provide relief. Moreover, it was nearing noon, and the sun was at its peak, making it unbearably hot.
He lowered his gaze and said, "In addition to the original 1.5 million donation, I will donate an additional 450 thousand dollars for the planting of vegetation and the construction of pavilions. It's not acceptable to have such a large area without
any shade under this scorching sun."
Look how the sun is scorching Milly.
The sudden surprise left the school leaders momentarily speechless, unable to
react immediately.
450 thousand-he said it as lightly as if he were talking about 50 cents.
When the school leaders finally processed his words, they were almost ready to
bow in gratitude. "Of course, Mr. Burnett, you can rest assured. We will make sure to plant many trees and build several pavilions, ensuring the students are well-protected from wind and rain!"
Jordan responded with a cold "Hmm," casting a frosty glance their way, as if silently urging them to leave.
The school leaders were all shrewd individuals. One look at his expression, and they knew it was time to leave.
However, just as the principal was about to turn away, he couldn't help but glance at Milly and Jordan with some concern. Though he trusted Jordan's character and believed him to be a gentleman, the fact remained that it was a young female student and an older man alone together....
He couldn't shake off the feeling of unease.
So, he raised his hand and gestured to Samuel and Lucius, who were still standing nearby. "You two boys, come over here and accompany Mr. Burnett on
the tour as well."
Samuel's eyes lit up. Along with Lucius, he walked over to join them. "Yes, Sir."
Jordan furrowed his brow, his disdain almost overflowing from the depths of his
Chapter 265 Two Aeddling Third Parties
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Having finally secured some quality alone time with his sister, suddenly two third parties appeared out of nowhere. He was beyond displeased, utterly irked. Samuel, oblivious to their relationship, observed Jordan's cold demeanour and innocently assumed all CEOs carried such a demeanour. "Mr. Burnett, shall we start with a tour of our school's building?"
Jordan frowned slightly and asked, "Are you also a freshman?"
Samuel's smile froze on his face. "No, Mr. Burnett, I'm a second-year student."
Jordan's expression remained indifferent. "In that case, I have no use for you.
Samuel was taken aback.
The principal hadn't anticipated that Jordan would be so fixated on freshmen. He turned to Lucius, who had been silent all along, and asked, "Are you a
Lucius nodded expressionlessly.
The principal breathed a sigh of relief, thankful that at least one of them was a
freshman. Yet he remained apprehensive that Jordan might find another reason
to refuse.
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Taking a subtle risk to defuse the
situation, he suggested, "Mr. Jordan, perhaps let these two freshmenm guide you around the school. They are both freshmen, after all, and can negotiate and take care of each
other. If it were just one person, I fear
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Jordan's gaze fell upon Lucius standing nearby. The guy seemed unafraid of his scrutiny, meeting his eyes head-on.
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Although the Burnetts and the
Scathings had a decent relationship, there was a considerable age gap ve between him and Lucius. As a result,
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However, he had heard quite a bit about this heir of the Scathings.
For instance: at such a young age, he was known for his ruthlessness and decisiveness, handling matters with precision and showing remarkable
responsibility. He was meticulous in his work and so on.
Chapter 265 Two Meddling Third Parties
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Undeniably, he could see that the guy before him would indeed become a competent leader in the future m possibly even an outstanding head of the Scathings. As a potential partner, he found himself quite willing to
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