Chapter 272

Chapter 272
Stephanie had been in a daze lately. Ever since Molly had brought Scout's son to see her last week, she hadn't interacted with anyone else.
The whole world seemed to be bustling with their own business, but she felt like she had suddenly lost her direction.
She called Molly, hoping to ask her out to go shopping.
"Scott's been working on a big project with the Innovate Group lately. He's always on business trips, so he leaves Andy
dy with me. That little pump is so annoying. He takes up all my time!" Molly complained on the other end of the phone.
"Do you want to go shopping with me?""""
Molly, always prioritizing her best friend, thought for a moment and said, "Scott
came back last night. He's in his study now. Let me go talk to him Hold on. Don't hang up.."
Molly was about to rush to the study to ask her boss for time off when the doorbell rang
Who would come here at this hour!
As a
a diligent employee, Molly was keenly aware of her duty and wen
went to open the door for the guest first.
The moment the door opened, both women were taken aback, staring at each other in surprise.
"Why are you standing at the door! Go make some coffice" Scott's voice came from behind, snapping the two women back to reality
Hearing this, Molly forced a polite smile and said to the woman at the door, "Come in. 111 go make some coffer for you."
She quickly prepared a pot of coffee in the living room and then quietly retreated.
As she left, she couldn't help but sneak a glance at Scott,
"Why is Hayley here" she thought
"What's she doing here?" Hayley was just as curious.
Scott remained calm and casually replied, "She's my housekeeper.
"She is your housekeeper! Molly? Hayley sounded incredulous. After all, Molly used to work for her, and she was well aware of Molly's educational background. It was hard to believe she would become a nanny
ly was Stephanie's good friend, Hayley was extra curious. She glanced toward the kitchen and teased, "So, Scott, are you dating Molly!"
Scott, however, seemed to ignore her question. He called out towards the kitchen with a serious expression, "Ms. Snuggleton, Andy's school just called about a parent-teacher conference. Head over there now, find out what's going on, and report back to me."
Molly had been eavesdropping with her ear pressed against the wall when she heard her boss give her yet another task
She frowned. These capitalists always ordered people around as they wished. "Why me? It's the weekend, and there's no overtime pay
But as a servant, she had no say in the matter and couldn't only say, "Got it"
"Is that Hayley? The call hadn't ended, and Stephanie could hear the faint sounds from the other side.
"Yes." Molly didn't hide it "I heard she got another promotion at the Innovate Group. She's probably here to talk to Scott about a company project.
Stephanie listened quietly, emotionless. "Oh."

Molly asked if she wanted to go to the kindergarten together to lift the mood. Stephanie declined. Seeing those children would only lead to overthinking.
After hanging up, Stephanie took another antidepressant. Staring at the empty house, she couldn't muster any energy. So, she decided to go out for a walk to figure out her next steps.
Diana had called her yesterday, asking if she wanted to leave the city, go somewhere new, or even go abroad.
In fact, Stephanie didn't know what she was holding onto, but deep down, she knew she didn't want to leave.
At least not yet.
She didn't know if winter had come particularly early this year or if her body had become weaker, but early December had already made her feel chilled to the core. Even wrapped in a long coat and scarf, she still shivered as she walked.
Christmas was just around the corner, and many shops had started decorating with Christmas trees, playing cheerful carols, and displaying jolly
Chapter 272
Santa Claus figures.
It had been years since she celebrated Christmas. As she saw so many families out and about on this weekend, with parents and children enjoying rach other's company, her eyes welled up. Such warmth and happiness seemed impossible
for her.
Stephanie wandered along the streets.
She didn't remember which alley she had strolled into, but suddenly, she heard the sounds of a struggle. She stopped, looking to her right in confusion.
A man and a woman were fighting. The man, at least six feet tall with a burly build and tanned skin, held a thick metal rod in his right hand. His face was contorted with rage as he raised the rod to strike the woman's head
Stephanie was stunned by what she saw. The woman's tall figure made it seem like such a blow would definitely result in a head injury.
However, things didn't go that way. The woman moved with incredible speed. Before Stephanie could even see clearly, she had already dodged the
man's attack.
The woman swiftly grabbed the man's wrist, targeting a precise point. The man's face turned pale as his wrist went limp as if his bones had shattered. The iron rod fell to the ground with a loud clank.
As Stephanie marveled at the woman's astonishing fighting skills, she recognized her side profile. It was the strange woman named Lucy she had met a while ago!
Just when Stephanie thought the fight was over, Lucy extended her other hand and grabbed the man by the back of his neck. With shocking strength, she slammed his forehead against the wall over and over, leaving his face covered in
The man tried to struggle, but Lucy brutally broke his left arm. The sound of
bones snapping was terrifying, and the man roared in agony. But Lucy quickly clamped down on his throat, and in the next moment, she could have snapped
his neck...
Startled, Stephanie took a step back but accidentally kicked an empty soda can.
It made a crisp, metallic sound.
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"Who's there?" Lucy's movements
paused. She had a delicate face, Her
lips always curved in a slight smile. But her eyes were sharp, filled with a
fierce determination, as she shouted towards Stephanie. The content is on! Read the latest
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Stephanie's body remained frozen.
She heard the thud of a heavy object Ο ΠΙ
hitting the ground. The man was clearly exhausted, thrown onto the dirty floor. Then, Lucy's footsteps approached. The content is on! Read the latest
chapter there!
It was only a matter of a few strides. Stephanie didn't run. She knew she couldn't
outrun this woman.
"Ms. Reed, fancy seeing you here. Lucy spoke with a casual tone as if seeing an
old friend.
Stephanie's heart pounded. She warily met the woman's gaze,
She had trained in self-defense and fighting skills since she was young. But she
wasn't sure if she could fight with this woman.
Stephanie feigned composure and asked back, "You know me!"
"Yes, we've met a long time ago. Don't tell me you have forgotten me."
Lucy smiled faintly, seemingly harmless. Then, she made a ge
a gesture around her abdomen and smirked. "Back then, you were heavily pregn
Lucy looked straight into Stephanie's eyes, her smile eerie and her tone always
carrying a hint of disdain.
"When was that?" Stephanie asked, her voice trembling, unable to shake the
chills that Lucy's ga
gaze gave her.
Lucy didn't answer her. Instead, she raised her eyebrows and asked with a
friendly tone, "Oh, did you try to investigate those doctors at the hospital? Matthew and others?
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She was very straightforward. "It's
useless. Let me tell you, all the 15
personnel involved in your e-section that day, including doctors and nurses. were sent abroad under new
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Stephanie was taken aback when Lucy brought up the surgery, leaving her
momentarily speechless.
After a while, she suppressed her inner panic and asked. "What What do you
want to tell me?"
The smile on Lucy's lips widened. "Oh, nothing much. I just wanted to say your
twins are not dead."
Stephanie's face froze, and she couldn't utter a word.
In the silence, they stared at each other, and Lucy casually asked, "Do you want
to see them!"

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