Harvey York’s Rise to Power

Chapter 5888

Chapter 5888
"Please, Uncle Harlan."
Harvey poured a cup of tea, and signaled Harlan to sit in front of him.
Harlan's eyes twitched for a long time. He slowly sat down, then mustered his
courage to finish his drink. He looked at Harvey deeply, hesitating to even speak up.
Harvey glanced at Harlan for a moment. "Just ask anything you want, Uncle Harlan. I'll tell you everything you want."
Harlan took a deep breath.
"Who are you?" he asked hoarsely. "What happened to my nephew?"
Harvey knew that after what happened, there was no way to hide from an experienced man like Harlan anymore.
"Good eye," Harvey said, smiling. "When did you start suspecting me?" Harlan chuckled bitterly. "I don't know. I felt that there was something wrong already... But after everything that happened today, I know that you're not him."
Harvey nodded.
"I'm not the man with an arranged marriage with your daughter.

"I have the same name, but we're different people.
"I have some business in the outskirts, and the identity makes things more convenient for me.
"For the sake of hiding myself, I lied to you. For that, I deeply apologize.
"To amend my mistake, I can promise you anything you want. I can turn you into
the family's master if you want to as well."
Harlan fell into a deep silence for a long time.
"My nephew died?" he finally said.
Harvey nodded.
Whitley and Billie were dumbfounded.
'He's dead? The Harvey we knew is dead?'
"Did you kill him?" Harlan asked coldly.
Harvey let out a sigh, then pulled out a laptop with documents on-screen in front of Harlan. Harlan glared at Harvey for a moment before quickly reading through the pages.
"Is this real?" he asked after a long time.
"Why would I lie about this?" Harvey asked.
Harlan's body shivered, then he suddenly came to his senses.
Judging from Harvey's strengths and talents, his nephew seemed completely inferior. Why would Harvey kill someone just for a mere identity?
The documents were undoubtedly real.
"The outskirts' York family got my nephew killed, just for the sake of authority.,. Even when he went all the way to Golden Sands, they didn't let him go," Harlan said in a trembling voice.
He finally thought of something, and looked at Harvey with a stern expression. "Since you want me to request anything... Then I have only one! I want fairness to my nephew! Bring him justice!"
Whitley sprang from her seat after hearing those words.
"Are you insane, Harlan? What are you saying?!
"Master York can turn our entire family into elites with just a single word! He can
let US live the rest of our lives in riches!
"But you're not asking for that, and you're even telling him to avenge our dead nephew?! Are you kidding me?!
"Don't listen to him, Master York! Listen to me! Listen to me instead!"
Whitley was so agitated that her hands were moving all over the place. Harvey
ignored her completely; she resembled Lilian a little too much.
You can still go back on your word right now," he said to Harlan.
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