The Lycan King's Fate Calling

Chapter 540

Rufus' POV:
Sylvia's action was very unhesitating, taking everyone by surprise. Slalch Thi Find Dølel.not website on Gøøgle to access chapters of novels early and in the highest quality.
Geoffrey instinctively let out a loud shriek. "How could you really do it?"
The other vampires finally came out of their stupor. They all exposed their fangs and shot murderous glares at Sylvia.
The blonde vampire whose neck had been snapped was lying on the ground, her neck bent at an odd angle. Blood dribbled from the corner of her mouth and her body convulsed violently. She stared at Sylvia fiercely.
A vampire could not be killed easily. Sylvia's attack had only incapacitated her. It would not result in her death.
Sylvia shook her hand to get rid of the blood on it and glanced coldly at the vampires. "Who else wants to give it a go? Come on."
The vampires were furious, but none of them dared to take a step forward.
Geoffrey escaped my hold and hastily ordered someone to save the blonde vampire.
He angrily approached Sylvia and yelled, "You ruined my plan!"

Then he ordered his men to arrest her.
I instantly rushed to her side and kicked Geoffrey away from her. "If you dare to even touch her, today will be your last day on this earth."
Geoffrey stood up from the ground, fear flashing across his face, but he obstinately insisted, "If we don't arrest Sylvia, the vampires will definitely take revenge on us. As a werewolf prince, you need to focus on the bigger picture."
My lips curled up in disdain and I thought he was just a joke. He held the position of an Alpha of the werewolf race, but he was completely under the thumb of the vampires.
"Do the vampires want revenge? Come on! I'm not afraid of them," Harry couldn't stop himself from chiming in. He waved his fist at Geoffrey and bit out, "You are just a coward who is terrified of death."
I didn't engage with Geoffrey anymore. I grabbed the blonde vampire lying on the ground and quickly strode to the city gate.
Since her neck had been snapped, she was in no position to resist. I tossed her out of the wall like a piece of garbage. Now, she was among the werewolves living outside the wall.
"This is your enemy. You can do whatever you wish to her," I said indifferently.
Now that this entire issue had come to a head, there was no going back. Werewolves and vampires were destined to be on opposing sides.
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"I promise that the whole royal family and I will take responsibility for the consequences of what happens here today. You don't need to be afraid," I surveyed the werewolves in front of me and spoke in a firm voice. "The empire will not give up on you this time, and I hope you won't give up on yourself either." "And me! If anything untoward happens, I'll be the first one to claim responsibility." Harry stepped forward with clenched fists, as if he wanted to fight at this very moment. He was brave and fierce, just like any young werewolf should be. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
Sylvia remained quiet. She walked to my side, held my hand, and supported me silently.
Not to be left behind, Flora pulled Warren and John forward. "We are with you!"
Their encouragement touched me slightly, giving me more determination to continue what I wanted to say next.
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"Werewolves are a courageous race.
Although you have been treated as
prey over the years, I don't believe you have forgotten Who you really N.Q afe. So this time, show me your
bravery. Go and protect our home
and family. Either you kill your enemy, or you die trying with dignity. Whichever way, werewolves are no slaves, and we never will be." The
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My booming powerful words resounded through the air, urging the werewolves
into motion.
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A few moments later, a she-wolf
suddenly charged out from a corner holding a spear in her hands. She
Le. roared as she hurtled toward the blonde vampire with the snapped neck. She raised her spear and jammed it into the vampire's body. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!

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