The Untouchable Ex-Wife

Chapter 1860

"Miss, let us think about it for a while!" Adie said to the teacher, then leaned close to Abby's ear and started whispering to her.
Both Renee and Stefan stood nearby awkwardly, unable to do anything during their children's serious discussion.
Thanks to their status and identities, the parents around them immediately started gossiping about them.
"Wow, they're the legendary Master Hunt and Ms.
What a perfect couple!" "Their marriage is practically a gift from heaven.
They even have a pair of twins! What a perfect life..." "How lucky that our child can study with the children of sucha prestigious family!" "T knew that the parents of the children studying in Monte Perry Kindergarten were extraordinary, but I didn't expect this at all!" Renee's awkwardness grew as she listened to the excited whispers around her.
She stared at the ground, wishing it would open up and swallow her.

She had been through a lot, but this was a first for her.
In the past, she could have made a scene and left, but this was her children's graduation trip, so she had to suffer through this for the sake of her children.
Her cheeks twitched from suppressing her laughter.
She felt like a hostage to her own children—as long as they were around, she had to behave herself.
Stefan, on the other hand, was a lot calmer than Renee.
He was enjoying this rare harmonious moment with his family, uncaring if it was forced or real.
"We're very happy to be here spending time with our children on this trip..." Stefan smiled at the people around him, his tone wistful as he said, "Regardless of which elementary school our children go to, I hope all of us will always remember this wonderful trip.
These precious little moments will become memories that will live forever in our hearts, and will always make us smile when we remember them!" The parents were moved by his words, and admired the charming man before them.
"T think we should all take a picture together to commemorate this occasion," Stefan said eagerly as he took his phone out.
"Yeah, that's a great idea.
Let's take a photo!" "Wow, it's an honor to take photos with people like Mr.
Hunt and Ms.
Everheart!" Everyone followed Stefan's instructions and posed for the photos.
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"We'll join in too!" Stefan handed his phone to a teacher before he om smoothly snaked one arm around Renee's waist and hugged Adie and Abby to him with the other. Visit to read the latest chapter of this novel
He smiled brightly at the phone screen.
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This was the first photo Stefan was taking with his family, so it meant a N
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After the photography session, Adie cleared his throat to get everyone's hist
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"Miss, ladies, and gentlemen... We've come up with a wish!"

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